Strategy and Vision

Company R-FIN is relative small but technological equipment is very good. On this account company can be specialized in small and single-part production.
Company is able to assure all sorts of customer's demands. Thie is thanks to technological equipment, good knowledges and skills of constructors, years of experience and quality and wide human resources.

One of the main strategie competenties are patents of structural nodes in product EKO-Finisher. Company has patent in several European countries. Automatic washing machines are produced on grounds of Swiss license.
Strategic competence is focus on product segments with high added value.

Company mission

Company mission is production of quality products which satisfy customer's needs and demands because technologies and products are changed very quickly. Company mission is also develop yourself.

Company has next main tasks::

  • Production of quality products and seek to escalate production
  • Obtain new markets and new products
  • Generate profit
  • Develop yourself
  • Increase qualification of employees


Shared values

  • High level of products quality
  • Dynamics and flexibility responding to changes and global market
  • Helpful, partner and friendly business relationship
  • Permanent custody of employees in all segments
  • Respect, loyalty and responsibility to employees
  • Reliability
  • Inovation in all areas


R-FIN visions are continue in satisfaction of customers demands, expand its presence to more segments and get more customers. Part of the vision is improving the technological level, development and staff training. Company ensure development and deepening relationships with business partners and also find new business partners.
Overal vision is increase competitiveness and market value.