Press working

Press shop of R-FIN is equipped with crank and hydraulic presses. Working pressure is to 400 tons. Press working is prime cooperative production thanks to high quality and expert knowledge of engineers.

We offer pressing and sheet moulding on these presses:

Crank press

  • PKZZ I 315.1 ERFURT, dimension of table: 1400 x 2500, lower blankholder

Hydraulic press

  • MÜLLER ZE 160/200
  • MÜLLER ZE 315
  • MÜLLER 400 (dimension of table1300 x 2000, lower blankholder)

Press shop is equipped also with eccentric presses and hydraulic presses with working pressure to 150 tons.

Press brake

  • Weinbrenner - 120 tons, working width 3 meters.

Materials: sheets – black, zine-coated, stainless and aluminous.
Iron phosphate is used for preliminary treatment.