Cartonage suction

Company R-FIN produce one shot paper bins of cartonage suction. Paper bins are made for range of health care and rest homes. Paper bins are made for ecological medical machine EKO-Finisher. Presently R-FIN produce cartridge for toilet chairs, under bowls, sputum cups and kidney bowls. R-FIN produce from cartonage also cartoning components for electronics (mp3, players, DVD) and cartoning components for washing machines. This cartoning components replaced polystyrene components. It leads to better ecological disposal of packaging.

One shot paper bins

All paper bins are one shot. In this way is prevented from possibility of infections transmission and it spares time of nurses. It is not necessary lay on, drain of, eliminate or disinfected after using. Paper bins are straightaway trow-in EKO-Finisher.
Paper bins with contents are crushed and launched in outlet in a few minutes.

Term Picture Description
PM-1 PM-1 Cartridge for toilet chair (shallow)
PM-2P PM-2P Cartridge for toilet chair (deep)
PM-3 PM-3 Underlay bowl for supporting plastic bin
PM-4 PM-4 Underlay bowl self-supporting
EM-1 EM-1 Kidney bowl
CUB1 CUB1 Cover for urinal bottle
SP-1 SP-1 Sputum cup – small
SP-2 SP-2 Sputum cup – big
UB-1 UB-1 Urinal bottle men