Whirling washing machines are more than 40 years at the market. We produce 3 types of whirling washing machines and 1 spin drier. All era produced under the brand-name ROMO. Small size, simple operation and long duration of our products are considered as their traditional advantages.
We have many satisfied customers in our country and we are also active in serving clients abroad, e.g. Germany, Austria, Slovakia Belgium, France, etc.

Whirling Washing Machines MINI R 190.1 and MINI R190.3

MINI R 190 is a series of classical, very popular and well – proved electrical washing machines for households. Washing machines of the MINI type require small space, they are reliable and their operation is very simple. These features have resulted in their high popularity. They are immensely helpful, especially in small households. Electrical whirling washing machines of the R190 type series are manufactured in several versions. To improve manipulation, the MINI washing machines are provided with wheels for movement. Individual types differ in their technical equipment:

R 190.1

The tank is made of corrosion-resistant material, the washer is equipped with a pump for draining the washing bath, and there is a thermostat for temperature setting, a heating element for additional heating of the washing bath, control glow – discharge lamp, a timing switch for washing motor control.

R 190.3

The tank is made of corrosion-resistant material, the washing machine is without any accessories, and the washing motor is controlled by means of a position switch.

Technical data:
  R 190.1 R 190.3
Dry laundry capacity max. 1,5 kg max. 1,5 kg
Washing time up to 6 minutes as needed
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Total power input 1910 W 210 W
Temperature control 20 – 90 °C ---
Height / Width / Depth 640 / 405 / 450 mm 645 / 405 / 450 mm
Weight 21 kg 21 kg
Tub stainless sheet stainless sheet
Colors white white
R 190.1

R 190.1

R 190.3

R 190.3


Centrifuge C 46

The C 46 centrifuge is designed for spinning clothes in household. It is capable of spinning 2.5 kg of dry cloth, including cloth made of synthetic fibres. The C 46 centrifuge is of an advantageously small format. Its operation is noiseless and reliable. This type of centrifuge offers you the most modern technical elements. The operational safety is stressed foremost. Closing the filling space is safeguarded by means of a lid preventing the hands from touching the revolving drum of the centrifuge. This guarantees the safety of the operator. When connecting to the mains, the centrifuge is put into operations by means of closing the lid. It is stopped by means of releasing the runner and opening the lid.

Technical data:
  C 46
Dry laundry capacity max 2,5 kg
Centrifuging time 3 minutes
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Total power input 130 W
Centrifuge rotation speed 1400 rpm
Diameter / Height 315 / 560 mm
Weight 10 kg
Centrifuge casing galvanized sheet
Centrifuge drum stainless sheet
Colors white
Odstředivka C46

Combined Washer RC 390

Kombi RC 390 – a combined electric washer with a centrifuge is classic and high quality washing machine combining the advantage of two tasks – washing and spinning at a very good technical level. The electric swirling combined washer KOMBI RC 390 is designed for simultaneous washing with additional heating, spinning and with the possibility of draining the washing solution and eventual spinning.

It is equipped with:
  • a timing switch providing for setting the washing period and pumping time,
  • a thermostat for a temperature control of the additional heating of the washing bath that simultaneously protects the heating element,
  • a monitoring glow-discharge lamp that optically monitors the function of the heating element when it is switched on,
  • a pump for draining the washing and rinsing solution out from the washing machine,
  • wheels that allow movement.

The centrifugal part is equipped with an efficient brake and a control lid.

Technical data:
  RC 390
Dry laundry capacity max 1,5 kg
Washing time up to 6 minutes
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Total power input 2040 W
Temperature control 20 - 90˚C
Height x Width x Depth 640 x 740 x 425 mm
Weight 30 kg
Tub galvanized sheet
Centrifuge drum stainless sheet
Colors white
RC 390