Company R-FIN s.r.o. was established as sub company of company ROMO a.s. in the year 2000. Purpose of establishing was extention of parent company activities. This purpose never be realized. Company R-FIN started own production in the year 2003. Company started cooperation with Swiss companies Kenwood Schupmf AG and SOBA international AG. R-FIN s.r.o. produced full automatic washing machines for Swiss companies. Production of whirling washing machines and centrifuges started at the end of the same year. Parent company ROMO a.s. was in bankrupt and ROMO a.s. Discontinued all productive activities. Company R-FIN s.r.o. achieved independence. R-FIN s.r.o. produce own production program and partly production program of ROMO a.s.

R-FIN s.r.o. address activities in area of consumer sector products, hospital sector and rentirements homes. Company R_FIN s.r.o. is also subcontractor for other engineering companies.

Company R-FIN s.r.o. has 8 types of production program.

  • Production of whirling washing machines
  • Production of automatic washing machines
  • Production and assembly of parts for car wash systems
  • Production of ecological medical machine EKO-Finisher
  • Production of cartonage suction
  • Production of combined cookers and heaters
  • Cooperation production
  • Production of metal garden furniture